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Library Cat

Two small children and an incontinent dog, I feel for you. Been there, didn't wanta do it. Lou's (the dog, not the guy over on the right of the screen) problem was extremely advanced age. No one was sure exactly how old, but the rough estimate was around seventeen-eighteen years. No cure for that.

Everyone tells you about how hard it is to be a parent, the sleepless nights, the diapers, the cost. The illogic issue never gets mentioned. And it is the one that will drive you up the wall. Why do you have to tuck in all your stuffed animals and leave yourself three inches of space to sleep? Why do you wear your gloves everyday even though it is summer? I don't know, they don't know, it is just the way it has to be. And questions, ah yes, I've had a few. It's my job, I get paid to answer questions all day. But no, it doesn't help. Sorry about the long post, slow day in the library.


After a particular round of "why" questions, I finally asked him "Why do you ask so many questions?" Surprisingly, he had no answer for that one.

As for the dog, while I will give him props for finding that tiny bit of water (without a divining rod no less), he still drives me up the wall.

And for those who may visit us one day, we have been able to clean up all of the accidents, so no worries.


I am the last person to discuss parenting with any authority, but I was once told that the best response to those really tough and bizarre questions is "I don't know! Why don't we go find out" and then you go try to find the answer. It feeds the inquisitiveness, but it also helps develop their focus and gives them a sense of how to find information for themselves. A good way to teach Internet or library research skills and a love of reading.


Hey Guys, I can help you out with the hot water heater spewing water. With all the remodeling going on here, Bob recently replaced our hot water heater and we started having the same problem with water deciding to pressurize and spit out. Apparently they are not supposed to do that. Not good for the water heater. Check to see if you have a check valve on the main water line that comes into the house. Little gauge next to the reader. If you do, you need a new item called an expansion tank (installed by a plumber for about $125 - $150). All new waters heaters now need expansion tanks on the cold water line when a check valve is on the main line. When the water pressurizes in the main tank it goes into the expansion tank instead of on the floor. Will take away the need for the basin and if you can clear up the peeing problem for $150 it may be worth it.


My father's favorite answer to "why?"
"To make little girls ask stupid questions."
I've already begun using it myself.


A Dan-Bob question for me today was, "Why are trees big?" My answer, "You'll have to ask Bob."


DingE -- not sure you want to have him ask me that. My answer: "Because they eat HUMAN FLESH, and plenty of it."


The Why Game used to drive me nuts and as soon as my son figured it out he just kept going.

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